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Spotify Playlisting Pitching+

Spotify Playlisting Pitching+

SKU: 0006
€39.99 Regular Price
€34.99Sale Price
VAT Included

- Pitching to 20+ Spotify playlist curators 

- Pitching to genre-specific playlists

- Submission to our promotional partner network for additional placements

- 4 week campaign


It can take up to 6 weeks to complete this campaign.

Playlist placement through external playlist curators are not guaranteed.

  • Product Policy

    Terms & Conditions

    We can guarantee that your song will be added to Spotify playlists accumulating the amount of followers corresponding your order. However, the amount of streams generated over the promotion period is not set and can differ between order. This is based on music genre, algorithms and other external factors we cannot influence.


    Each promotion package we offer is tied to its own processing period. Within the amount of weeks stated, keep in mind that the order is still being processed and results are not fully shown yet. After the order is processed your promotion will last a set amount of weeks indicated per offer. 


    We cannot provide refunds based on:
    1. Dissatisfaction about the final result (i.e. stream count).
    2. Dissastisfaction about the amount of accepted playlists through playlist pitching.
    3. Refund requested within the processing period of the order.

    We will accept a refund if we are unable to process the order from our side. This can occur because of external influences, absence or other similar matters. Additionally, we will take refund matters into consideration if they are based on a legitimate issue or concern.

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